How to Post an Event or Series of Events

Toastmasters leaders are invited to register on this site to post their events. You can either:

  • Post a single event
  • Create a template for a recurring event (for example, club meetings held every Monday).

If you primarily promote your meetings and events through Free Toast Host, easy-Speak, Facebook, or some other location, you may want to limit yourself to a brief notice with a link to where people can find out more. But it’s also possible to create more elaborate postings with images, video, and lots of details.

Note: Clubs that use the WordPress for Toastmasters system (on or their own site) can have their events cross-posted here automatically (as headlines linked back to their own sites).

After registering, click the Post an Event from the menu to post a single event. You will enter the title of the event, set the date and time, and the timezone. When you save those settings, you will be redirected to the WordPress editor screen to add more content.

Settings for a Single Event

Or follow the Post Recurring Event link, and fill in the details on the schedule your events follow.

Settings for an Event Template

You can then add content using the WordPress editor. You can edit your headline and begin adding paragraphs. Highlight a word you want to mark bold or italic, or add a link to (as shown).

Editing event content.

The + icons on the screen allow you to add special content blocks, such as headings, and formatting elements such as columns. Once approved as an author of event content, you will also be able to add image and image gallery content blocks.

Your initial security level will be “contributor,” meaning you can add content to the system but it will have to be approved by me or another editor before it is published. I will check for pending posts every morning.

To request a promotion to “author,” which will allow you to publish posts yourself, write to